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S prístupom do online obchodu FÖRCH vytvárame nielen základ pre 24-hodinové nakupovanie. Ponúkame vám aj množstvo doplnkových funkcií so skutočnou pridanou hodnotou. Vo svojom zákazníckom účte máte teraz možnosť veľmi jednoducho spravovať svoje nákladové strediská. Pohodlné nastavenie schvaľovacích procesov je jednoducho možné, napríklad ak objednávky zadáva viacero zamestnancov. Objednávajte ešte jednoduchšie a rýchlejšie vďaka prehľadnému zobrazeniu už zakúpeného tovaru alebo vytváraniu ďalších používateľov a šablón objednávok

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Use all the functions from the FÖRCH online shop with over 100,000 articles and great special offers always and everywhere on your smartphone or tablet. The FÖRCH App offers you the additional advantage that you can easily scan and order your required articles from the shelf with the barcode scanner.

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Tool and cost centre management

Create more cost awareness and transparency with the tool and cost centre management from FÖRCH by integrating the order reasons and cost centres into your online shop orders. The evaluation of the individual cost centres can be called up online at any time and all user rights including hierarchy structure can be created and managed independently. Ideally combined with the approval workflow, you will never lose track of your employees' orders.

Approval workflow

Your employees usually know best when new consumables or tools need to be ordered. Nevertheless, you do not want to lose track of the orders or set budgets? This can be easily and flexibly mapped with our approval workflow. You determine the value limits and the cycle for orders and can even relate the approval to individual cost centres. The possibility to adjust the orders as an approver helps you avoid shortages and you can bundle orders from several areas in no time at all.


With the EAN barcode catalogue, we ignite the ordering turbo and give you an ordering document according to your requirements. Your EAN barcode catalogue not only contains articles that have already been purchased, but can also be expanded and independently configured according to your individual needs. The specification of the relevant article data and dimensions as well as the illustration of the product additionally simplify the scanning of the desired article with the help of the barcode scanner of the FÖRCH App.

Hazardous substance management

Numerous regulations and laws make the handling of chemical articles and the storage of hazardous substances an unwelcome challenge. Thanks to a simple and safe function in our online shop, you are nevertheless on the safe side: the FÖRCH Hazardous Substance Management. All articles requiring labeling & purchased from FÖRCH are automatically displayed in your personal hazardous substances directory. Third-party articles can be maintained manually if required. Save not only time and costs with our hazardous substance management, but also minimize potential dangers for you and your employees right from the start.

On the management of hazardous substances

If desired, we can support your electronic purchasing process with a customized e-procurement solution. (Your) desired product data is then available in common formats such as BMEcat and classifications according to eCl@ss, UNSPSC or in e-procurement portals. Data can be transferred easily via the OCI, CXML, Ariba Punchout or IDS interfaces. The individual preparation of the data according to your requirements is a matter of course for us.

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